How to Choose the Right Elastic String for Your Bracelets

How to Choose the Right Elastic String for Your Bracelets

Elastic string is a popular choice for making bracelets due to its stretchy nature, which ensures a comfortable fit for any wrist size. However, with so many types of elastic string available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your bracelet-making projects. In this guide, we’ll share tips and tricks on how to choose the best elastic string for your bracelets.

Types of Elastic String

There are several types of elastic string available for bracelet making, including:

  1. Stretch Magic – a clear, highly durable elastic cord that is perfect for heavy beads and gemstones.
  2. Powercord – a stretchy cord that can withstand heavy wear and is ideal for larger beads and bracelets.
  3. Beadalon Elasticity – a clear, strong cord that is easy to knot and can handle most bead sizes.
  4. Stretch-Floss – a highly stretchy and flexible elastic cord that is perfect for smaller beads and seed beads.

Choosing the Right Elastic String

When choosing the right elastic string for your bracelets, consider the following factors:

  1. Bead size – choose an elastic string that can accommodate the size and weight of your beads.
  2. Durability – consider the strength and durability of the elastic string, especially if you plan to wear your bracelet regularly.
  3. Stretchiness – select an elastic string with the right amount of stretchiness, depending on the size of your beads and the fit you desire.
  4. Color – choose an elastic string that complements or contrasts with your beads, depending on your design preferences.

Tips for Using Elastic String

Once you’ve chosen the right elastic string for your bracelet-making project, here are some tips for using it:

  1. Use a bead stopper or tape to prevent your beads from falling off the elastic string.
  2. Knot the ends of your elastic string to create a secure closure for your bracelet.
  3. Use a dab of clear nail polish or glue to secure your knot and prevent it from unraveling.
  4. Stretch your bracelet gently after you’ve completed it to ensure a comfortable fit.


Choosing the right elastic string for your bracelet-making project is essential for ensuring a durable, comfortable, and stylish piece of jewelry. Consider the bead size, durability, stretchiness, and color when selecting your elastic string, and use these tips to create a bracelet that you’ll be proud to wear.

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